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eeeekkkk - Nick the Grief - 25-04-2016

I bumped it to a lady coming off my mates allotment last night and she didn't look like the normal sort of two legged fox we get and more importantly I was about two foot taller than her rofl ... so armed with my wit and good looks I approached her and tried to nonchalently tried to read the name and logo positioned on her left lady pillow without appearing to be a pervert and after a bit of chatting I think I'm on the list for a swarm of bees  woot she was taking a look at a hive that she had given to Martin but it seemed a bit 'vigorous' ( i could have sworn I heard the cry 'BANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZI"

RE: eeeekkkk - auntsally - 26-04-2016

rof Mind you...I would love to keep bees..

RE: eeeekkkk - april - 26-04-2016

Things really are lovely in your world aren't they NTG - I have no idea what you're talking about !

RE: eeeekkkk - Teazel - 26-04-2016

Me neither April, glad its not just me!!!

RE: eeeekkkk - Nick the Grief - 01-05-2016

I sometimes wonder myself rofl

RE: eeeekkkk - Squizzers - 02-05-2016

About par for the course NTG - and yes I'm back!