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Vintage Prams - Cockadoodledoo - 05-05-2016

I have a friend who renovates vintage prams - mainly Silver Cross.  She has just finished a large one and a small one which she is putting on show at a Vintage Fair.  She asked me to make pram quilts for her - something different.

RE: Vintage Prams - auntsally - 06-05-2016

They are fantastic!! VINTAGE.? Noooo. Those Silver Cross are MODERN. I had a beauty for my babies only yesterday.......or so it seems.

RE: Vintage Prams - Sparky - 06-05-2016

Oh how wonderful

RE: Vintage Prams - april - 07-05-2016

They're lovely - you are talented.

RE: Vintage Prams - Squizzers - 08-05-2016


RE: Vintage Prams - scotsfran - 09-05-2016

I was in a Silver cross as a baby - too many years ago! Does that make me vintage?! Love the quilts