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April - k9crystal - 04-04-2018

Happy birthday..hope you have a lovely day. hen egg chicken run

RE: April - zenith - 04-04-2018

Happy Birthday April  have a lovely day  chicken run

RE: April - scotsfran - 04-04-2018

Happy Birthday from me April!!

RE: April - Squizzers - 05-04-2018

Sigh - late as usual, but still wishing you all the best for the coming years. Hope you had a lovely happy day my friend xx

RE: April - Teazel - 07-04-2018

Oh no, I am even later, hope it was a good one April Smile

RE: April - chickenmum - 12-04-2018

I'm later still! Catching up with life slowly.
Hope you had a great day my friend. x

RE: April - april - 14-04-2018

Squizz, T and CM.......................you're all rubbish but I love you anyway ! Thanks for all the good wishes.