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Won't lay in nest box - PickyP - 09-10-2018

Can anyone help? I have one hen who will not lay her eggs in the nest box like everyone else. She is one year old and (I think) still laying well but I have to hunt to find her eggs. Everyone else manages to lay in one of the 5 nest boxes provided but she hides hers in the garden and I often don't find them until it's too late.

I can't think of a way to keep her in, as if I shut the door everyone else would be shut out and there really are too many of them to leave everyone in all day.

Any ideas anyone?

RE: Won't lay in nest box - k9crystal - 10-10-2018

If all the others are happily laying in the nest boxes then the boxes are ok.
I have someone laying under the woodpile.No idea which hen it is but i now just check there every day to collect it.Yours sounds the same.Does she lay in the same place or just random? If random then its a daily hunt to find the egg Big Grin . She may get the idea eventually as she is young yet.