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New bedding - april - 09-12-2014

As I've moved house I'm having to find new suppliers for almost everything.  Found my way to Scatts (a Country Store) yesterday at Canterbury.  Much cheaper Layers Pellets than I'm used to and as I've not been able to find my favourite substrate/bedding for their house - beddown - I opted to try Mendip New Flake wood shavings.  Brilliant, lovely clean proper shaves of wood with absolutely no dust. I had a thorough clean out of my rather large converted workshop this morning and used 3/4 bale to refill it without coughing, spluttering or sneezing once.  This must make it good for the chickens as well.  Just wait and see how absorbent  it is but they certainly looked very tucked up and cosy when I shut them in this evening.  Only £7.20 a bale as well compare to £ 8.90 for the Beddown.  And what's more, a very nice young man loaded my 2 bales and 4 sacks of layers in to my car for me without me having to lift a finger....Yay !

New bedding - chickenmum - 09-12-2014

Sounds perfect.  Canterbury, how nice. 

New bedding - Teazel - 09-12-2014

We have a Scats too where I buy my electric fence stuff, but have never bought shavings or food there.   Will try next time we go....