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Electical tools and their life span
(20-08-2017, 11:28 AM)Cockadoodledoo Wrote: Yes Zen, I too have a Black & Decker drill which must be about 30 years old.  It has been used over the years to make hundreds of hen houses and is still going strong.  I wonder if the tools made today will last that long.  

My favourite tool though, is a hand drill that was my fathers - that must be about 70 years old.  I keep it clean and well oiled but can only use it for short bursts at a time
I have an old hand drill too, very handy where there is no electric. I do have a rechargeable one that I use now and again.
(20-08-2017, 01:31 PM)april Wrote: I don't think this really counts 'electric' trouser press has been with me since 1984 - 33 years and is still like new.  We seem to be break tools all the time, especially lawn strimmers - I have at least 1 every year !!

Strimmer's I always bought the cheapest ones and upgraded their cutting line. Most lasted a few years if used in dry conditions. My last new one went to my son as I have nothing to use a strimmer on now.
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