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Indian Runner not laying
I have a drake and 3 ducks -- 1 fawn & white, 1 chocolate and 1 blue.  I routinely get 2 eggs daily; 1 white and 1 bluish.  Either the chocolate or the blue has stopped laying for over a month now.  What could be the problem?  I don't think the eggs are being hidden. 

Is there any chance the eggs are being hidden in a secret nest somewhere?

Thank you, Zoe.  I'm actually honored. 


Problem posted) Did my post appear properly under eggs & egg laying (non chicken)?


A secret nest is what I first thought.  I've investigated enough to think maybe one or two eggs may have been secreted away, but not day after day.  My ducks are currently confined in a pond area with margins and a secure home base (pen) under our bar-be-que deck. 


Next problem) I let my first flock free range and lost them to coyotes after 18 months. I hope to train a dog to tend them; but, so far no one local seems to know how to do that. I've got the dog and guess I'm on my own. I'm in the Pacific northwest: 20 miles south of the Canadian-US border and 5 miles east of Bellingham Bay.  I use a light on a timer to regulate their photoperiod.  Their job is supposed to be 1) slug & bug eradication; 2) algae eating, 3) egg laying.


I really need a eureka moment to visualize how I can permit them to free range daily.  They'd love it.  I'd love it.  But I don't want to lose another flock to predators. 


Thanks again for responding to a newbie




Coyotes isn't a problem we get here in the shires  RD ... the odd fox maybe laugh .  Not knowing how big your garden is but could you put electric fencing up around the perimeter?  and maybe some wire as well (bury it in the ground a way just in case they try and dig under).  it maybe that one of them is just having a rest I guess if she has been laying or maybe two of them are cutting back and you're getting 1 a day off one and 1 every other day of the other two ?


Sounds a nice part of the world to live even with the coyotes ...



The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
I think you would have to use either strong wire or electric fencing to keep the predators out.

With regard to the lack of eggs,is there anyway the odd egg is being stolen maybe?

Then again, if that were the case then i would have thought all the eggs would be taken :confused1:

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