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Now we are Eight
I believe it was done to get her kid higher up the order, if Ellie goes up a notch then so does her kid, so protective mothering etc.  It looks like she has succeeded as Daisy is now staying well out of her way so Ellie is now number 3 - it is because of the pecking order that they are all tied up for hard feed to make sure they all eat what they need and aren't bullied off it and the lowest in the order is let off her rope first.  In the wild the lowest would move off to other grazing but in the yard that isn't an option for them, hence tying them up.


I feel for poor Daisy but her 'horns' have sealed up and dried up and are all clean and it is 'their way' - Ellie is eyeballing her but not charging for her so hopefully things will settle down.


I have some lovely pictures of her little boy but am in the middle of trying to get in the second cut of three crops of hay in three different locations along with using the drum cutter to help friends in the village who otherwise would have to use their sythes and it is very hot here this week!!

Quote:oh no how scary for you, do you think Ellie was feeling protective of the kid or just trying to climb the ladder within the herd?

hope that either way they have sorted it once and for all, otherwise they may have to be separated until they are all going back out with the shepherd.
Quote: and it is very hot here this week!!
Now you're just showing off! :001_tt2:     got our heating on every evening this week   :answerme

cucumbers, melons  and tomatoes so far behind we might not get a crop at all.
It's a shame the weather isn't spread around a bit more evenly - we could do with some rain over here!

we'll send you some laugh



The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
Quote:It's a shame the weather isn't spread around a bit more evenly - we could do with some rain over here!
Wouldnt that be a great thing!
yahoo, we have sunshine - well it peeped out from behind the clouds for a moment its playing hide and seek..Big Grin

we have sun too today but only for today i think.

Goldilocks..heating on most nights here too.

Patterdales..there is no doubt they are addictive,therein lies the danger.While living with lots,you will grow poorer and stranger. dog run K9

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