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Bantam eggs
[quote name='rlucas']Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh![/QUOTE]

I have about 20 pekin hens, most are now in lay and only one has gone broody, she's sitting on eggs now.

I have found with pekins, some tend to go broody quite often while others never go broody. They do have a reptutation for laying a few eggs then going broody, but this isnt true.

Also my pekin hens lay quite large eggs, whereas some people's pekin hens lay quite small eggs. Its all in the breeding. Years ago people bred pekins to lay large eggs and be of good type and colour. These days thats been lost with so many people breeding pekins that don't understand how to keep the bloodlines pure. So there's a lot of birds that go broody at the drop of a hat, lay small eggs, and dont look much like pekins should look. Round and tilted with no legs showing. Breeding in different breeds to get another colour will interfere with what the offspring's eggs and broodiness turns out like.

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