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my easter eggs
thinking or names only wondered what cl is Blush
[quote name='chocdak']thinking or names only wondered what cl is Blush[/QUOTE]

Cream Legbar, I'd imagine
a ha thank you!
It might be a fun project to try to raise a few strains of bird that predictably lay a certain colour egg. There's a Shetland fowl, basically an Aracauna hydrid, that lays olive eggs.
"Becks" keeps Wernlas Olive fowl - what are they? Does the name refer to egg colour? Also, I guess Aracauna bantams would allow you to breed bantams that lay various colour eggs?
sorry yes Cl is a cream legbar.
Custard, who lays the olive eggs has some aracuna in her- (crest etc) but I can't remember if they should have black / beak legs as she does? she is a large bantam or a small large fowl and is buff in colour. Was a rescue. Flightly like the cream legbar (in that she is less likely to come to hand (unless there is food in it) and far more like to hop fences.
For beautiful Olive Green (almost grey/green) eggs you need Shetlands.

See Me............One Day!!! Disastrous hatching weekend about to commence - Inccy full of empty Shetland Eggs. Crying into my glass of wine as I type! Boo Hoo !!!
Lovely eggs especially the one from your little Serama girl Smile

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