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Incubators For Emergency Use
As hatching for the year has started already I thought maybe people would like to offer their incubators for loan in case of emergency (like the one taking place on the forum at the moment!) so if someone only has one incubator and it breaks down with eggs in it then they could come to this thread and see if there is anyone near them who would be willing to loan their incubator in an emergency.
I have an Octagon 20 (holds 24 eggs) Octagon 40 (holds 48 eggs) and another one I can't remember the brand name that holds 24 - all are autoturning but please bear in mind my location :001_tt2:
I have a maino 24 semi auto, which will be in use a little this summer, but but it doesn't hurt to ask!
Brilliant Idea :goodpost:

I have a small Brinsea Oct10 [manual] that could be posted NDD or collected if you are near enough.:001_smile:
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I have an ancient wooden thing out of the ark which I have on loan myself (from someone who no longer keeps chooks) which hatched me 9/10 last year on my first ever hatch should anyone in the kent/se london area be in a sticky situation Smile
I've got a few and normally have a spare for emergencies for any members near me.
I've got a spare Oct 10 auto turn which could be made available. I am planning on using it as a hatcher, so could make it available at short notice.
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I have a Corti 24 auto. I am happy if anyone has eggs they would like hatching send them this way and I'll do them!

i just hadto give my loaner bak nowthe duckshave started Confusedad: sogonna have to fork out for a special one just for ducks eggs!

move closer please
Rcom 20 - Available when not in use Smile

Rcom 3 available too!

Got some broodies too that only need, Oh about 3 seconds to make up their minds!
I have an Octagon 20 Advance with auto-turn cradle + Brinsea candling lamp.

Once the current batch have finished hatching I'm not thinking of using it again this summer so if anyone in N.Essex/Suffolk/Herts needs one quickly after end May you're very welcome.

Will also have a Brinsea Cosy lamp available to borrow at end June.

I have a covatutto 12 incy (can hold 18+ eggs depending on size) ready for an emergency plus broody hens that wold be more than willing to help out!

Anyone having problems in norfolk/suffolk then send me a PM - or indeed if you are further afield but prepared to travel, then drop me a line!
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I have a 40 egg auto inc can't remember what its called but its there if anyone is stuck
I'm in Devon & have 2 rcom 20's <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
I'm in the Wild West of Wiltshire and have a R-com 20 if anyones stuck and also a new MS auto 35 which I haven't used yet but am itching to try, not long now though

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