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warmed up stones - would that not burn the chooks???
[quote name='moola']warmed up stones - would that not burn the chooks???[/QUOTE]

Maybe put some kind of surround around the stones to stop the chooks from standing on them? Or slippers for chickens to protect their feet? :001_tt2:

The stones used in hot stone massage get hot but not so hot that they burn you as they are used directly on the skin. But they do retain their heat for some time. I wonder if they could be placed underneath water containters to stop them freezing?
oh yes I see. I like this idea - if it get's really cold again I might do this. Typically though - I had some fantastic huge flat stones in an old aquarium which I have now given to my Dad. Have to think of using something else.......cheers Smile
what about microwaveable gel pads... brill for puppies and my feet,no wires so non chewable.Great product,i have about 4 ofthem.
I have just started to use some small dog/cat electric heat mats. There very cheap to run as there not very hot about 15 watts of power & i put the mat under there water pot as it stops the water from freezing up and takes the chill out of the water Smile

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