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should I worry about poo?
Hi, yes, not a very exciting topic, but.................. I have 6 hens, and 3 of them have poo stuck to their backsides. They are all healthy, otherwise, and all are alert and eating well etc, no mites, wormed regularly. I am thinking it may be because these three are older? the other three are clean. I wouldnt want this in summer, and would clean them, as I wouldnt want maggots etc, but should I clean them up during the winter? and will it do them harm to leave it?  (I know birds can get pretty stressed so I didnt want to bother them un-necessarily)

What do others think?

Any advice/opinions appreciated.




Many of mine have poo stuck on them at various times, particularly the featherier varieties. I'd just watch whether it builds up, although I did discover a large colony of red-nite living on a crust of poo on one of my hens last year (summer)!

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The  trouble is that sometimes the stuck poo tends to build up.  I think I would move it.   You could always just snip it off.  !!

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I clean mine up = summer or winter. I don't think it does them any good to have poo stuck to them as it builds up very quickly. Besides which it stinks!

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I would cut it out as well - it will stop any build up.  If you have a head torch then once they are roosting give it a go and by the morning they will have forgotten about it


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