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vent sexing
It can be done at a day old, but you can do it at any age, and it's a lot easier if they're older.

You have to be so careful and gentle so you don't injure them. I hold them under my arm with their head sticking out the back, sort of upside down so their vent is facing upwards.

Then with one hand (the one they're tucked under arm to) gently press each side of the vent to open it. Then with the other hand you can part the 'lips' of the vent a little more to see if there's a small mound inside (the penis). Once you've done it it's like riding a bike, but its a bit nerve racking when you first try it. I used to wrap a tea towel round their heads and wings so they couldnt flutter and so they settled and stayed still for me to do it.

It's handy to learn how to do, especially if you've got lots of ducklings or goslings and they can't be sexed by fluff sexing.

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