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My girls have stopped laying
Good afternoon

My new hampshire red started laying at the start of this year - she was 32 weeks. My golden sebright started the week after at 33 weeks. We recently bought two silver laced wyondottes - who are now aged 29 weeks.

Both my older girls stopped laying last week and we have had no eggs from them. At this point our new girls had been with them for 2 weeks and we think they are all getting on fine.

If they had stopped laying immediately the new girls were introduced I could understand but they waited two weeks.

We have also recently changed their food to organic layers but again they were on this for a week before they stopped.

They are not eating their grit but do not seem distressed. They are all bantams.

Has anyone any thoughts on this?


PS on another post it was suggested that at age 27 weeks they should be laying unless they were game birds (think I recall that correctly). Therefore all my girls seem to have started laying quite late!
At this time of the year it does not take much to get them off lay again. I too have had a hen that way laying and stopped. The weather does not help, especially if it has been rainy and the days dark and dull. Any eggs that are in the process of being 'egged' will get laid and then the girls will stop laying again while everything goes into abeyance until conditions are right again. The new birds and the change of diet will, I think, have impacted on them, just later than expected.

I would imagine with the lighter evenings that in another two weeks or so they should be back in lay and giving you so many eggs you wont be able to keep up!
You've only got one life - live it!
Pretty much anything seems to put them off and you see the results a couple of days later, lots of rain, extremely windy, something frightened them, blah blah........
A couple of mine are the same. Started laying fine and then stopped for no reason. Just mention PAXO to them and they will start again..Wink

De-stress with Poultry - and have the patience of a Broody


I better take the whole pack out and shake it at mine- 2 out of 5 are laying.

Monsters. Another is looking a little pinker in jewellery area though. I should be patient.
Thank you. Being new to this I really don't know when to start worrying and when not to but you have put my mind to rest on this one.

I will mention the magic word (paxo) to them tomorrow and hopefully start collecting my eggs the next day.

It is not unusual at this time of year. One of mine (kim) has stopped laying because she has begun moulting. She looks a state. Kath is making up for it with whoppers though - teamwork!
My four started laying again at the start of the year increasing in numbers week by week...until this week when we had 4 and a half less than last week.

The half - well, my marans lay very large eggs but one day this week I found a tiny bantam sized egg half the normal size. Very weird.
My hybrids still going strong but bantams have slowed, dotte banties packed up altogether. they havent long been laying.
..i was told the general rule to be that pure breeds would stop laying around guy fawks and start after valentines day...but this was probably based on a time when our seasons were more seasonal, so to speak. Hybrids should lay most of the year....

If you were to put your pure breeds inside over winter and give them a little extra corn they should give you more eggs as they are not expending energy keeping warm. I found this out for myself having to put mine inside a building during AI outbreak.

...although when we had a few REALLY cold days, the pure breeds did stop.
my pekins stopped when i brought in when it was really wet, i turfed them out in arks and now they are laying everyday and today i had 2 from one hen (unless hes not telling me something!) even the sussex have laid all winter...not sure what i'm gonna do but will take off layers after this bag and they'll slow right down!
I found mine layed fewer eggs when I fed them organic layers. Although it's a complete feed, it's not designed for optimum laying. I really wouldn't worry too much. Pure breeds usually lay in 'clutches' anyway and it is still very early in the season.

Confusedcared: Noooooooooo!

Is that the normal thing? (Less eggs with organic feed I mean) I just ordered a big sack!
So strange. One would have thought the organic was best for them. However my oh is instructed to bring home a bag of the layers pellets that we had before and I will re-introduce this to them. We are now nearly 2 weeks without eggs when previously they had been laying nearly every day since the start of the year. They are prue bred bantams and I understand that laying every day was not going to be the norm but I didn't expect such a gap - so hopefully it is definitely down to the food.

Had to resort to buying some free range eggs this weekend.

Suffice to say, the magic words (paxo, roast) did not work for me.

Fingers crossed with the new bag of food.

Hi all

Still no eggs from my girls despite being back on the original food for a week or so. I am now wondering whether the nuitrition part of their diet is wrong. They have as much layers pellets as they want. During the week that is all they get as they are just getting up when I go to work and have gone to bed by the time I get home. Weekend, they free range and we treat them with corn in the afternoon or vege scraps or rice or potatoe, whatever leftovers we have (although not all together and not huge amounts).

I have bought some spice but is this just used when they are moulting or do you think they may benefit from a dose? Is there anything else I should give that will ensure they are getting enough. They are wormed regularly and I also give them the poultry pick me up thing in their water (sorry can't remember name)

I do understand that it is cold out and some peoples chickens haven't started laying yet but should soon because of the extra day light hours. However I am slightly concerned because they started laying at the start of the year quite regularly and then just stopped.



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