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My girls have stopped laying
From the nuitrition point of view,everything they need is in layers.I have bantams and they have laid all through the winter months.The little japs are doing well even in this cold spell.

Miss Wyandotte on the other hand,has been moulting and stopped laying some time ago.

I think all breeds are different in the when and how many department and they all need a rest at times.

If your girls are in their first laying season,this to can be erratic,stop start.

Keep them on layers and cut out treats and see if they improve over a few weeks.
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Ok thanks Zenith but I've been reading that we should try and give them corn just before bedtime to keep them warm in this cold weather. In these circumstances, would the corn be classed as a treat or a necessary food at the moment?

Oh yeah and the spice stuff. Do I just use this when they moult or is this another pick me up?

They are quite young girls - about 36 weeks now. They laid for 3 weeks at the start of the year and stopped. They are bantams also.


Hi Sparky,If you have a look at [URL=""]this[/URL] thread,the rates of corn are very small,fat birds dont lay.

I know some use spice on here,I don't I use Battles Poultry Tonic which I add to their water one week in three.

I'm not saying dont use spice,just that I dont use it.
CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run
Thanks again Zenith - yes looking at the link I think certainly at the weekend they get too much corn.

I have read that 90% of there food should be layers and I thought that we had got that about right. The only thing is that this doesn't even out daily, they get the remaining 10% on Saturday or Sunday which may be a bit of an overload.

Mine just get layers mash with raisins as a treat. Hot mash if it is really cold in the morning to kick start them. As much grass as they can eat too. I give mine Spice every day and I also mix in oyster shell with their mash. Bit of ACV in the water. They have been laying every day since I got them all through winter a minimum of 3 eggs, now starting to build back up to between 5-7 eggs a day. I think I have one girl who is now almost spent so hopefully she can enjoy her retirement properly.
Do you give AVC every day?
Give ACV for one week (7 days) in each month as a pick me up.
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The relief, Doris, top chick (new hampshire red) has started laying again - yesterday and today we have received an egg from her. Don't know whether it was the going over with the poultry shield and getting rid of some of the red mite or the spice that I have been feeding her.

Lily (sebright) is still to resume but hopefully she will follow her leader.

Winnie (dotte) has a very red "face" and despite being about 31 weeks now, no eggs at all so far. Nelly (dotte) has a very pale face despite being the same age.

So many variants.

But I'm just a bit happier now that at least one of them is laying as it means I think, that we are doing something right, whereas when they weren't laying I was wondering about nuitrition etc.

Roll on the other 3 starting. Bantam eggs are so tiny you need quite a few to make any sort of lunch with them!

[quote name='Cockadoodledoo']A couple of mine are the same. Started laying fine and then stopped for no reason. Just mention PAXO to them and they will start again..Wink[/QUOTE]

You cant just shout PAXO at them - you need to sing the 'chicken tonight' advert song and do the arm actions too - scared my black rocks half to death (and my neighbours and OH too come to think of it:w00tSmile BUT IT WORKS!!!!! Started them laying in no time!!!!!

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight.............:lol::lol:
Must try that one :w00t:

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