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egg prices!!?
hi, was just wondering, due to the price increases on feed how much people are charging for there eggs now? (if any of you have spare eggs to sell!!)

i was in morrisons the other day and 10 free range corn fed chicken eggs were £2.29
I usually charge a £1 for six. That's when they lay -we haven't had any for ages!

I am offered between £1.00 to £1.20 per half dozen.
You've only got one life - live it!
My standard price is £1.00 per half dozen. My mum and dad both refuse to pay less than £1.50 per half dozen.
Surplus eggs are given to neighbours,one couple are in their eighties.They always ask how much I want for them when I take them eggs.I never charge them.They did bring me a very nice bottle of wine to say Thankyou.Smile
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Ooh yes, eggs for wine, I like that idea, (hic) scuse me.
you and k9 too I would have thought! Big Grin
You've only got one life - live it!
I have been asking £1.50 for 6 since October - luckily the local feed supplier produced a leaflet exlaining why all their cereal based feeds were going up in price, so I photocopied it and put it in my egg boxes.

I asked everyone if they would pay the £1.50 and stay with the organic feed or

stay at £1 and change over to non-organic feed, just about everybody said they wanted to stay organic.
The free range eggs here maybe 6 months ago were around !.79 for a dozen ~ now they're £2.56
[quote name='Squizzers']you and k9 too I would have thought! Big Grin[/QUOTE]

Oh yes,im with you on that one,:001_smile:
my mate does pound a dozen to cheese other sellers in area off, she s had so many regulars that does'nt need to put sign out, if i have accident eggs (i.e naughty escaping hens to other boys) i do 75p for 6 or 1.50 a doz.but of course cheap or free to friends and my one nieghbour!!
Hi all, my mate sells his eggs for 75p per half doz and then £1.50 for a dozen.
I use that all singing and dancing organic food with added Omega 3s and wont part with half a dozen eggs for less than £1.50 (was £1.20 until the last price increase). Best of all is the barter system where we swop with neighbours for tomatoes, lettuces or whatever. I place a far greater value on home grown anything.
I agree, Harrie, barter is better than selling

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