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Feed Price Watch
other half got my layers pellets today and they have increased from £7.99 a 20kg bag to £8.20 per 20kg bag , farmgate

mixed corn by spillers has gone up 50p to £9.50
Was told today by my feed store to expect more hikes in feed prices as fuel is set to sore another 5p per litre soon and wheat is now pushing £200 a ton .
The cheapest I have found layers pellets is £6.40 a bag, Farmgate (BOCM StPauls) from Tower Farm Saddlers in Barby (nr Rugby), Heygates pellets direct from the mill are a very similar price.

Wheat has topped £200 and is now sliding back a bit but I bet the feed dosent!
Phillips in Horncastle;

20kg Heygates layers pellets £7-25.

20kg wheat £6-25.
Patterdales..there is no doubt they are addictive,therein lies the danger.While living with lots,you will grow poorer and stranger. dog run K9
How about this for extortion

5kg D&H layers £4.76

Pets at Home

coompared to £10.90 for 20kg Garvo layers at Buckingham Gdn. centre
We get Farmgate Layers Pellets at around £6.80 per 20kg from our local feed store.
25kg Freshgold pellets £8.93

25Kg Mixed corn £8.98

Local Bata Wholesale
Today I paid £10.95 for a bag of Garvo layers' pellets and £14.49 for a large bag of chicken Alfamix. I get it delivered free because the lady in the shop lives near me.
prices for 20kg layers pellets on 12/008/11

£12.29 for d&h but in the same shop £12.29 for Garvo

Dobbies gdn cntre Fenny Stratford Milton Keynes
Garvo £12 a bag in Sturmans today. What proper nice folk there.
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.
cars billington = £9.85 for 25kg layers pellets

cars billington - £9.60 for 25kg Mixed corn


cars billington is such better quality than the Habro, Habro lace the feed with additives to make ur birds eat way to much and then poo through eye of a needle, and the egg shell quality is pants too , i got far too many paper thin shells on Habro  .


Habro layers - £9.50 for 20kg

Habro mixed corn - £9.80 for 20kg

local farm feed store


£6.60 for 20kg Heygates layers pellets. found this about month ago before that was paying £7.99 for countrywide 20kg layers pellets


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