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How to Use this Section
So what is it ?

This section will allow you to let the world know about YOUR website - as always there are a few rules but they are pretty straightforward.

Firstly - to have your link included here your website must have an easily found link on your main page to

Secondly - your website must be poultry related and be of a NON commercial nature.

Thirdly - you must be a 'Guest User' or a Poultrychat Supporter

Fourthly - actually there is no fourth thing, that's it !


Easy - start a new thread here with the title of the thread the title of your website. Then in the main post give a brief description of the website and its url - easy as that. Note - all threads are moderated by us so will not appear until we check them over so don't panic if you don't see your link right away.

Cheats - we will be checking your website to make sure you have your link to PoultryChat and if we don't find it we will delete your link in here and even worse we will think you are not a very nice person

So what are you waiting for ?

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