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How to post a For Sale Advert
How to post a For Sale Advert

Adverts can only be posted by members of the 'Poultrychat Supporters Club' but can be viewed by all users (even browsing and unregistered users) - Please make sure you read. understand and comply with the rules before posting.

General rules in the for sale section.

* Please describe the item(s) as honestly as possible.

* Please do not post multiple ads for the same item, as this will result in all ads being deleted.

* Post are locked by the Moderator/Admin.

* If you need to edit your post, pm the Moderator.

* If you have need to update your listing or have sold your item please reply to your original post.

* If you are a buyer please contact the seller using the PM (Private Message) function.

* No items that are for sale or auction on Ebay please.

PoultryChat is NOT responsible for the deals between buyers and sellers. We do however suggest that you obtain a phone number for the seller and speak to them on that number before you send them any payment if you have any doubts.
Poultrychat accept no responsibility for items listed in this section however we would suggest that you view them first before purchasing, obvious I know  ,

To become a member of the Poultrychat Supporters Club please click here

Would any commercial enterprises please contact admins
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