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Layer of darkest brown eggs?
[quote name='doodlum']I think they call the Araucana the Easter egg chicken, now i know why:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Like Cad&Berry only Smarties have the answerWink Big Grin
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The brown nick lays the darkest of the brown commercial hens, but not maran dark, they have bred this bird as the ISA /warren eggs are getting paler every year and they are aware that the customers want brown eggs NOT nearly brown eggs! - if you want a hybrid for dark brown eggs go for the maran cuivre (hebden black) or maran coucou (speckled) glencroft will have these 26th feb the same date as i will - we both get our birds from the same rearing farm.

I was going to say that a pure bred maran or welsummer will lay darker still but less eggs per year - I'll be honest most marans and welsummers now have very poor egg colour as well as poor egg numbers (around 150 a year) so the hybrids are really catching up there as the colour is pretty good and the numbers are better (250-280 a year).

We are all after VERY dark eggs - my pennie's eggs are getting darker - she has been laying about 3 weeks now, apparantly they are even darker in the second year - my marans are hatched from very dark eggs but havn't started laying yet.

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