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Hens going into lay??
Had a couple of soft shelled eggs today.Haven"t had any (soft shelled) for a couple of months and from reading previous posts on this subject ,am I correct in thinking that some of my girls are coming back into lay? I always ensure there is plenty of oyster shell alongside their other food.I have four rescued Black Rocks and 11 ex-battery girls. For the past few weeks the egg production has been around 30 eggs per week. That figure has suddenly shot up. ,despite losing one of my girls this week.The weather is so mild.We have had gale force winds all day and steady rain but now the sun has put in an appearance. Have also noticed that they are eating a lot more,just in the last couple of days.
I've found that with a number of girls they tend to lay soft shells when coming into lay - it sorts itself out after a week or so. I've picked up plenty of eggs and shoved them into my coat pocket only to find a gooey mess in there a few mins later - not to be reccomended!! The OH hates it when I do that as she wont let me near the washing machine so she does it!! hehehe Big Grin
It should sort itself out monty after a few tries, sometimes they only lay one like that and sometimes it takes a few goes
This is when you sometimes get double yolkers as well, but as said by the others they settle down again after a few weeks
Yesterday one of the girls laid a tiny egg .,only about 6cms long and very thin but the shell was hard so I guess that it a sign of better things to come ?

This morning when I opened the pophole one girl was running around with another soft shelled egg.Haven"t seen anything like this for a couple of months now so ,could I reckon that as the days are getting longer now ,perhaps some more of my ex-batt ladies are coming back into lay? I"d be quite happy if thay just carried on in "retirement" as they"re probably all "egged out" from their previous" existaence as caged hens. But is this normal behaviour?
The teeny tiny eggs are called witches eggs and K9 feeds them to hubby when he does something wrong :rolleyes:
8 big eggs yesterday,all hard shelled!I"m really pleased as that means my ex-batts must be feeling better,even thouugh they"re supposed to be Smile retired ladies!
That's good monty - I am glad they are feeling normal again, I now have 3/4 cream legbars laying too, I wonder what will happen if we do get this cold snap they are talking about in February
Yesterday WAS like a spring day and the girls loved the sunshine (the first day we"ve seen any sunshine since 4th Jan!).But this week is forecast to be wet and windy again.If we do get the cold spell that they keep promising I"ll make sure that they"ve got some extra straw and woodshavings in their house and block up any drafty holes in their house and maybe give them some porridge in the afternoon to warm them up before bedtime!At least now they have regrown most of their feathers and put on some weight since I first got them 2 months ago.And,the days ARE getting longer.It was 5 o"clock before it got dark and they trooped off to bed!

The rir bantie in my pics has just layed her first egg since november,hopefullythe other one will soon lay her first ever,Smile
Brilliant doodlum, certainly her comb did say she was ready to start - maybe tomorrow the other one will too
YIPPEE second rir bantie layed her first ever egg today.... they are very pointed eggs hope thats normal.
Pointy eggs is fine doodlum, I have some welbars that lay pointy eggs
Ive had a wrinkled/crumpled egg today,whats that due to?
That can be sign of mycoplasma k9 - any other symptoms like snuffles etc.?

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