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New Birds starting to lay
Now I know that the world as far as chickens is topsy turvey. With the shortest day just around the corner our egg production has gone up to an average 4 a day from 2 and I think the increase is down to the new pOL we bought in the last week of October starting to lay. Also the two white stars who stopped laying 5 weeks ago have now started again and lay nearly every day. Today we had 5 eggs but one of them was an egg with no shell just the membrane and that was laid in the hut that the new girls sleep in so I guess it might be one of the first they have laid is that correct?
Yes, it could be. If they haven't laid before, some girls do lay without a shell or a funny shell, as they get their production equipment in gear. Well done with the eggs. There seem to be quite a few of us getting girls coming into lay later than they should.
It certainly is a strange December for egg laying - I've just had another welbar come back into lay :confused:
So what do we suppose will happen with the girls next year, as they are coming in so late this year, when they should actually be resting? Do you think they will stop if we get a really cold prolonged snap?
I really don't know but I think we may all be about to find out as the weather here has definately turned a bit
I have 3 that have started to lay,2 of them hav'nt a clue about going indoors to lay...I find them plonked in the mud:rolleyes:
I can see the two that like the mud have your deepest sympathy k9 Big Grin
K9 do you think they're just starting to wind you up ~ before you have to do the cammando crawl?
[quote name='summayah']K9 do you think they're just starting to wind you up ~ before you have to do the cammando crawl?[/QUOTE]

Definately maybe
I thought it might be. I just can't work out why they would want to walk into the mud in the first place. Chickens really do the silliest things at times, don't they, the little darlings?
Oh yes they are lovely(through gritted teeth!)No matter here though i just give those eggs to the dogs,Skye is having them on her tea at the moment.
Waste not ... want not ..... K9. I hope Skye enjoyed them
One of my Wybars laid today - these are strange times :confused:
They are indeed strange times. Our daily egg production has doubled to four regularly and 5 sometimes. Today Christmas day I heated some grain into aporridge for them as a treat and boy did that go down well!
You mean you added grain to warm porridge or you actually soaked the grain?

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