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Black Rocks Laying - Doodlum
Hi my black rocks were bought mid aug 06 pol 20 weeks they were laying after couple of days and are still laying can anyone let me know when they are likely to stop and go into moult, today whilst cleaning out i found an egg about the size of a blackbirds, the yolk was the size of a pea, could this indicate the end of the laying prior to moult? , or a more sinister problem doodlum
My black rocks are just finishing their first moult and they are about 1 1/2. I did not have them last year, but I was told they laid throughout winter, stopping for about 10 days from the shortest day. They laid all year for me, and stopped in the last 3 weeks while they all moult at once! I have been getting one egg a day for the last few weeks.
It could just be a one off, where one of the girls' systems went a little haywire. I shouldn't worry about it. Your girls could feasibly lay all through the winter ~ they're not like some of the more delicate pure breeds who take time off every now and again, for no apparent reason!

You will usually find that hens will go into a proper moult around 12 months of age ~ so you could be looking at around march/april time.

I shouldn't worry about the little egg ~ just give it to a little person. If your hens are looking fine in all other respects, it was probably just a blip
I reckon you have a hen trying out the different sizes for you Doodlum, the little eggs are called witches eggs and can be an indication of beginning of lay or end of lay, sometimes very old birds lay them too but I think your lady just wanted to see the expression on your face Big Grin She probably won't have a moult until well into the summer and maybe not until the autumn
a one off ,thats a relief.thought i,d be eating boiled eggs in a thimbleSmile Smile while on subject do you get much variation in feather colour in black rocks of the three i bought two are shiney black with bronze throats the other is a much browner bird ,i queried with supplier he said all the birds were from same batch, its a nice bird and lays well but ive always been curious doodlum
Yes, they do all vary, I have pure black ones down to ones with golden collars who are very pretty. Did you buy from a proper black rock agent as there are quite a few people who sell 'black rock' hens that aren't black rocks
Thanks zoe i see you are another early bird! yes i got them from jack gibbs they are really nice people to deal with very helpful ,not always the case with some ive dealt with.,but i always say you vote with your feet
That's where I got mine from too doodlum Smile
Mine came from them too and I have no complaints about quality! They are super people!
You've only got one life - live it!
I am still getting 10 eggs a week from my two black rocks, they just seem to ignore the weather. Smile
HI Karan they seem to be very reliable i have 3 they are still popping them out!The only thing i found with them though is it took longer before they tollerated the other birds,even now they dont like coming second on the food front!i have also a couple of bovan goldlines they still lay well [smaller eggs] these birds are absolutely placid ,you, will enjoy and gain much from the forum .as you will see it helps if you are a bit mad at timesSmile Smile Winkdoodlum
I have full looney qualifications Smile Wink

I have two cream legbar babys that I am still too scared to introduce to my black rocks, I look at the black rocks then look at the cream legbars........ the pecking order is sorted before I even try them together Big Grin
If you both have first year birds then they should lay through the winter in anycase but even my older black rocks still lay throughout just not so many
HI i must say that made me chuckleSmile the rocks do look a force to be reckoned with, im not sure on the genetic make but reckon theres some rottie in there some where Big Grin
They are born survivors aren't they - they are the only hybrid I would keep again

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