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Black Rocks Laying - Doodlum
Peardrops had a problem putting bovans nera and blackrocks together didn't she? And still has 2 separate houses for her mix of girls.

You have to give it a go Karen and be around for them when you do it. A lot of people will add them once they have perched for the night ~ putting them together then so they will get used to the smell of each other. It has also been suggested that you can spray a vinegar/water mix over them so they all smell the same. If you were going to do that, then I would suggest you put the blackrocks in with the legbars ~ so that the legbars are on their own territory.

I have often put my girls together when they have been out free ranging ~ that way there's lots of space for them all. If you decide to do it at night, when you let them out in the morning have a handful of corn with you. If you see any of them going for a peck, throw some (little bit) corn to distract them ~ tummies are usually more important than pecking.

You could also put 2 lots of water and 2 lots of feed out in their run when you put them together so that they can all get to the food and drink.

Another option of course would be to get some new girls and put them in with one of the sets you have and then join them all together a little later. If you were to do that I might be inclined to put the new ones in with the legbars to strengthen them ~ then it would be easier to mix them all together later, when the blackrocks would be in the fewer number.

Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
What a lovely idea summayah, adding more girls to make it easier, nice one Wink
hi zoe how old are your black rocks ; as you say they are tough birds,
I know how to count to '7' Zoe!
About 15 are just over a year and another about 10-15 are about 3-4
I am a bit worried about feed. The BR are on layers pellets and the CL are still on growers. If I put them in together then how do I stop them nicking each others food?

I think you lot are going to be a bad influence Smile I am going to try and be stern with myself and not get anymore girls till the spring......... maybe see if someone goets broody and get some eggs!
Usually you can change them over from growers to layers from 16 weeks. To be fair up in some parts of Scotland, they don't have growers, their birds go straight from chick crumb to layers. I have to also admit that mine do too. I want them integrated into the flock and if I put the growers down than you can only expect that the girls who should be laying will eat them and the babies will eat the growers. To save them the trouble of reading the signs and working out which to eat I just give them layers. I don't like to keep them separated for too long and I haven't had a problem with the girls. I have girls laying now who have not been on growers and if you look at my pics ~ suzy sussex is a fair old size. And if I ever manage to get pics of my babies, you will see they are large too and they have never had growers.

There's not a lot of difference in the constituents and their percentages from growers to layers. We've had this discussion before and I think there is a thread somewhere where squizzers pointed out the differences ~ which was so minimal as to be not worth bothering about in my opinion.

I know you're just trying to put off putting them together, but think of all the extra girls you can get.
I am scared! Big Grin

I am going to leave it another week, I break up from work next friday so from then they can have my undevided attention for two weeks. With working in the week I could only watch them for two days and I know I would worry.

My OH has been away on a training course for 3 weeks and comes back tonight, so I may have other things on my mind this weekend Big Grin

It also gives them a chance to eat some more of my big bag of growers pellets!
OK, we'll let you off, you can do it when you finish school. I'm sure you and they will be fine. Good luck
So it'll be a manicure for Christmas this year karen!Big Grin Big Grin
Don't forget to keep us informed as to how it goes, Karen
I let my Black rocks free range when I am around, I was cleaning out the CL bedding on saturday and Dink ran in their coop to say hello! she had a peck of their food then ignored the babys till Cadbury and shweppes started pecking her Smile She soon came back out.

Maybe my CL girls are tougher than I thought! I am going to put them in friday night then camp out by their coop early Saturday morning, its better than telly!
I think you'll find they are Karen - just make sure you put the black rocks into their house and run rather than the other way around so the cream legbars have the upper hand on them
... and have some corn handy when they come out in the morning, just in case....

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