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Broken Blood Feather
Hi all,

When I came in from work last night and went out to give the ducks some treats, I noticed one had a brownish stain on it's wing. I managed to catch her and have a look and it looks as if one of her blood feathers has fallen out or broken off. The blood had dried into the feathers and there wasn't any fresh blood underneath. It didin't seem to bother her, she was still flapping her wings and running around with the rest. I refreshed their bath water and the stain has gone and there wasn't any fresh blood when they went to bed last night.

I'm just looking for some advice on what to do next. Some sites say to remove whatever is left of the follicle, others say to leave it if the bleeding has stopped. I've not got any antiseptic, not unless there's something 'human' I can use? Is it worth visiting a vet or will it heal on it's own accord?

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I'm sure the broken feather will moult out and be replaced with a new one eventually.
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Wouldnt worry like Zen says. You could spray with purple spray just to be on the safe side
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My brahma was bleeding from a broken/pecked new foot feather recently, I just washed the blood away so the others weren't tempted to peck it, and no further problems. I wouldn't worry.
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Thanks all for the reassurance. All the dried blood has gone and it looks much better although another blood feather was removed from further up her wing, will need to keep an eye on her for any pecking and get some anti peck spray.

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