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how many eggs?
I have been trying to work out how many eggs I might get from my chucks, there is a table on the omet web site which says for my pekin hen I would expect less that 125 eggs per anum and for the silkie about 150. Does that sound right?
I'm afraid I honestly don't know yorkshirelass as I don't know much about those breeds but as they are 'pretty' breeds rather than utility then it wouldn't suprise me but utimately it is down to the individual strain of chicken breed that you have. did the previous owner give you an indication of egg numbers for them or not?
No they didn't. They only keep a few of each of the pretty birds then have a large flock of laying birds for eggs, which they sell. I think the pretty birds are there to show examples of other types of chickens to the children who come to the farm
If that is the case then those figures are probably about right then I'm afraid
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]I think those figures could be about right yorkshire lass. My pekins used to lay 5 days out of 7 ~ but only for a relatively short time. On the figures you're showing 25 weeks which would be about right. The pekin eggs are strange really, they're small, but the yolk is large in comparison to the egg shell itself ~ less white than the larger eggs.[/COLOR]

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