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Poly Egg Boxes
All of the ones i use now are all re-used. I think most people who deal with farm fresh eggs, re-use thier cartons. I get mine from family and friends. I can also offer to take the cartons back, if the customer would like. Or they can bring them back to be re-filled instead of getting a new carton. Most around here would do that. We are very into recycling and such. the great thing about the plastic ones are that they could be washed very well to be re-used as oppossed to the cardboard ones.
Yes, the cardboard ones have had it if someone just happens to spill something on it. I believe the plastic ones are actually recyclable. Not sure if our county does it or not. We do plastics 1-3
here we can pretty much recycle anything plastic, so i think they will be okay. I will have a look to see what the site says, if anything! Smile
I doubt it's going to tell you which exact plastic it is. Most plastics in this country if they are recyclable they will have a little triangle printed on them with a number, which tells you approximately what plastic it is. I think it goes up to 7 or 8. Ours here goes up to 3 for recycling and my daughter's only goes up to 1 I assume as they can only recycle the plastic milk containers

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