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pot eggs
I remember an old Polish couple who were neighbours using them when I was a kid. Does anyone still use them?

My chickens don't seem to get the message 2 eggs out of 3 are in the middle of the floor not in the boxes!! So was wondering if anyone thought this might work
Hi, Just been to my local country wide store,they still sell them there;so they must still be used Smile
I've never had a problem with girls laying on the floor, my cockerel tends to show newbies where to go and what to do - I think some people use hard boiled eggs too newse
I used hard boiled eggs with my first girls ~ that seemed to work well. Last year I had one girl who insisted in laying in the run under the fir tree, exactly the same place every time for about a month, then she got to grips with using the nest boxes. With the girls this time, Joshua has just taken himself into the nestboxes as the thing to do.

If you get the pot eggs, make sure they are solid and have no tiny holes in them ~ lovely resting places for red mite.

Have you checked the boxes ~ is there something that is putting the girls off going in them? Straw and they don't want straw etc.
summayah Wrote:

Have you checked the boxes ~ is there something that is putting the girls off going in them? Straw and they don't want straw etc.

No they go in, and some eggs have been laid in there, I think they'll come round, the cockerel has been in and out as well, so he was worth 50p if he's showing them!!

But the chancellor in a drastic u turn fashion has given the go ahead for a white paper on 2 LS, 2 black rocks and a LS cockerel. I've identified funds and given the go ahead for a PFi project.

I have identified the birds, was going to collect em all whilst working i Manchester last weekend but the boyo wasn't ready. SO collecting them all in 2 weekends time when I'm over there.

So the black wonder will have to go before then Sad
Oh poor boy. Maybe you need to stick a pic of him and his girl on all the chicken forums you can find as being for sale.
I quite like the girl, she has the gait and manner of a moorhen Big Grin

I like him but I don't fancy his chances with a LS cock :eek:

I'll find him a home, it may be our freezr for a while though :rolleyes: Needs must I'm afraid
Why not do a proper search and ask all around if anyone knows what he is? It could be that you could keep him and his wife and breed them, if it's a known breed. Can you not go back to where you got him from and ask?
Afraid not, the peril of market buying!!

I'm pretty sure they are a mix and not "a breed", I've trawled through every breed on feathersite to no avail, there legs are the wrong colour. Unless someone comes up with any suggestions...

But there's a rare breed show/ sale at York livestock market in October so I might make some more purchases then, you never know, but this time they'll be calculated-ish Big Grin I suppose I could keep him until then and then lie about what he is and sell him :eek:
You can't lie about what he is ~ someone else would then be in the same dilema as you. At least you weren't lied to. You could just list them as a pair of black bantams.

I might steal a pic of two of them and put them elsewhere and see if anything is turned up for you. You see how kind I am even to a rogue like you?
I know thankyou. I wouldn't really lie, again I thought you'd realise only one word in 3 of mine is true!! Big Grin
It's just working out which is the one and which are the other 2.
You can have a breed with the wrong leg colour Newse.Im getting some Australorp banties next month, the breeder is letting them go 'cos the legs are the wrong colour..grey instead of whtever colour they should be.
I think, from memory, it's the ears as well K9

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