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Cream Legbar Eggs
Just come back from a poulty auction (took a long time via the pub) where once again I was very well behaved.

There were some cream legbar eggs for auction but I was surprised at the lack of blue in the shell.

I know it will vary from bird to bird, these just seemed to be off white though - is this often the case?
they could have been from old birds, the colour fades as they get older, or just from a strain that has been randomly bred rather than selected for the bluest coloured eggs. CLs are really flavour of the month and I think that's resulted in a lot of willy nilly breeding!
I know that this might seem an iobvious question but where they really cream leg bar eggs? Having read the advice I was given about buying at auctions I have become very sceptical about bird auctions mad
An auction via the pub Chris, I'm amazed you managed to behave as I would have thought that was a recipe for buying in loads too many chickens Big Grin Cream Legbars as with all birds you need to be careful on the parentage, there are quite a few people claiming to have 'Cream Crested Legbars' that just happen to lay off white eggs, or not very blue eggs etc. One person I know of won some on e-bay and when they arrived I think 3 were nearly white :rolleyes: . The eggs should still be blue at whatever time of year they are laid but the colour will be more intense earlier on in the laying season as towards the end of it the birds are starting to run out of energy and pigment so I would suggest that unless you see the parents of the birds or know the ownder to be 'legit' I wouldn't buy Cream Legbars that had pale blue shells
[quote name='Zoë']An auction via the pub Chris, I'm amazed you managed to behave as I would have thought that was a recipe for buying in loads too many chickens Big Grin [/quote]

Ah - it depends which order you do it in - pub afterwards, I'm not daft.

Mind you I walked into the barn where the auction was being held and started jumping on the spot with excitement saying to OH "They're the ones I want" Some dark dark brown maran eggs, I could hardly contain myself.

Couldn't bid for them though as I've nowhere to put them. I shall be sooooo glad when the winter project starts - 2 new hen houses and runs Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Roll on next year.

Most of the eggs went for £2-£3, the Marans went for £15, hope they were fertile
£15 each ???
Oooops - sorry £15 for ten £1-50 each, but considering all the others Pekins Legbars etc were going for say £3 for 6, that's quite a difference

I'd at least want them gold plated for £15 each Smile
Well I did think it was a little steep ~ could only post after I'd picked myself up off the floor. To be fair £1.50 and egg isn't too bad if they were a good colour and were the type of marans that you wanted. I wouldn't want to pay that for the ordinary maran but for a black blue or wheaten ~ I could easily be tempted.
I pay £1.50 an egg for FWM eggs
They were wheaten maran eggs and soooo dark

I took the telephone number of the supplier down in case anbody wants to contact them to see if the post eggs

Please contact Chris by pm for the contact phone number

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