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longest run of eggs
Today is the 10th day that Joshua has presented me with a lovely blue/green egg. That's 19 eggs in 21 days ~ pretty good for an araucana wouldn't you think?
I would have said that that was a very good run indeed!
Prior to this last run she was did a 5 day run a day off then a 4 day run a day off ~ I thought that would be about right 4/7 or 5/7 ~ and then this one. They might be little eggs, but she's certainly popping them out. I never expected one today after 9 days. No certainly I shouldn't have one tomorrow
What a good chook! Smile

Hen pecked Fennel is my best layer, rarely having a day off, I never thought to note exactly how often each hen lays, but I think I will from now on.
Anyone know anything about trap nest boxes or used them? Might be a good way to be able to tell who has laid what. I realise of course that you would be for ever checking nest boxes!
I have never heard of them Squirrel, but if they are like I imagine, a box that the hen can't get out of, I would lay somewhere else if I was a hen. I bet they would soon get wise! :rolleyes:
[quote name='Squirrel']Anyone know anything about trap nest boxes or used them? Might be a good way to be able to tell who has laid what. I realise of course that you would be for ever checking nest boxes![/quote]

I've never used one but one of my books does tell you how to build one if that's any help
I've never seen or used one, but have heard of them. I think Peardrops is right though about them not bothering if they're going to be trapped in.
Was just wondering how people go about identifying which hen has laid which egg when you have more than one of the breed! Idle thought actually! Have neither the time or the inclination to use one!
I believe some breeders use them to gauge rates of lay ~ annual egg productions etc of a certain hen or breed.
I have sussed which hens lay which eggs by keeping an eye on them when they are laying, and when they come out of the house, I go and collect the egg, so I know who laid what. I only have the 5 hens, but my family think I am mad when I ask if they want a Fennel or Ginger egg (Smaller or larger). It took a while to get it worked out, but now I know, I can tell all 5 eggs apart. (How sad am I? :o )
It's good to be able to tell them apart. If one of them stops laying you will know, and be able to look for a reason, rather than knowing the egg numbers are down but not know who has stopped and why. I was just doing it to get a rough idea of what she would lay. I've never had an araucana before and I was thinking maybe 4/7 but she's still churning them out. I had another today.

I suppose she thinks if she give me one per day then I have nothing to complain about regarding the pekin size of them
As a general rule

My cream legbar lays 5 (blue) eggs then 2 days off

My cotswold legbar lays 7 (pink) eggs then 1 day off

The others I wouldn't have a clue as they are in groups, I just know these two as they are in the pen (with Mozart to keep him company as he has been banished from the flock for attacking my pet sitter!) and the egg colours give the game away!
Joshua is still going strong ~ not stopped the run yet 14/14 ~ what a kind girl she is
Good old Joshua(remind me as to why she is called a male name!)I hope she isnt wearing herself out laying so many eggs,but she must be one happy hen,

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