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Broody coops and chick housing solutions
Broody Box 

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Here is a broody box that Stickfish made.

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Here is  a box Zoe has used when raising chicks 

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Broody Coops 

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Here's my large wooden broody coop 

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Here is a broody coop built by Oldandgrey 

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Here is Deano's box 

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I made a couple of broody houses in the summer, they didn't have floors in them, they were just on grass / soil with a nest of shavings and straw. Apparently the moisture from the sod helps with humidity. I had read you could cut a piece of turf and put it in grass down as a base ? cost me about 30 quid I think. Ark style and they just stack up when not in use.

Hopefully I will be getting them out again soon . 

Couple of pics for you . . .

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I spent my weekend making a new brooder box for my ever expanding Maran chicks. What do you think?

Its in my shed by the way, just incase anyone thinks thats my living room.

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With it being such a nice day here i thought i'd make a Broody Box with a small run. so many broody's at the moment.

What do you think, is it big enough etc.


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heres my brooder heat light/reflector that i made out of:

1 x Wire that can take 400watts.

1 x Dimmer switch that can take 300watts.

1 x ES Porcelain Lampholder. (

1 x metal mixing bowl for the reflector.

How to:

1: wire the plug to the dimmer switch.

2: drill 2 holes to mount the lampholder to the bowl.

3: drill a hole in the bowl for the wire. must be near the lampholder when fitted

4: put some wire in the hole you just driller and wire one end to the lampholder

5: mount the lampholer with 2 small nuts+bolts or if you have a poprivet gun use that.

6:[COLOR="Red"] Attach the earth wire to one of the lampholder mounts to ensure its earthed. [/COLOR]

7: wire dimmer to porcelain lampholder

8: plugin and test with a light bulb.

There you go you now have a heat lamp, that you can control the temperture by using the dimmer switch.


When testing use a trip switch plug to ensure it shuts the power of if tripped.[/COLOR]

Just need to find some thing to use as a brooder to hold the chicks in.

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