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Members Housing Solutions
CVW's chicken housing

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If I remember correctly Vorwerk made this for a new chicken keeper

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Poultry carrying box

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Well we've had them a week and we're hooked (6 eggs have helped).

My wonderful brother-in-law has even built me a new house as he thought our ark was too small..

See pics...

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We decided on two huge doors at the front because it was too difficult to make the sliding trays - hopefully this means that I will be able to open both doors and get all the muck out easily and also it will be much easier to clean and disinfect etc.

We still have to make both ends and a lid and partitions for the nest box. Oh and perches, ladder and temporary partition to use until we get our next five girlies...

I think it will be a work in progress and we will have to make adjustments as and when we find problems with our (make it up as you go along) design!

We will have to move it out to the garden before we secure the weld mesh and onduline on the roof and then start on the run!

I think we are going to down tools now and hopefully make a little more progress tomorrow afternoon.

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As you can see I have almost completed the roof.

What is considered the best covering for roofs?  I have heard that felt can cause problems with mites.


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