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Chook Medicine Cabinet
I keep a sachet of lectade in my cupboard too, (electrolytes) because they only get sick when the vets unatainable!
Do you mean something like this Bhindi?
Zoe, that looks more vitamin based, and life-guard should have that sorted..

The vet got me to give lectade to my Bhindi when she was recovering from cocci. here is a link for it:
Is my mind playing tricks on me or did someone say olbas oil is useful to have around for chickens - I know Sue I think said it was good at deterring dogs from chewing but I thought someone said something about a use for chooks too - any offers?
I said the rescue remedy was in a little bottle like olbas oil.

It might be good to hold under their beaks if they have a snotty repsiratory problem? Might try pidge with it - or you could steam them with it - fill a washing up bowl with boiling water and add the olbas, put inflexible mesh over it for them to stand on, then put them on and a box over, with holes in so air can get in too!

That's what i'd do with it anyway.
I mentioned olbas and dogs..i put some around Ice's stitches and he never once touched them so he didnt have to wear a horrible lampshade collar.
Patterdales..there is no doubt they are addictive,therein lies the danger.While living with lots,you will grow poorer and stranger. dog run  K9
Zoe, I see you have Cod Liver Oil for thin shells, how do you administer it? And while I'm in a questioning mood, what's poultry booster & spice?


[COLOR="Green"]Hi Judith, I can help on some of this and surmise on the other. The poultry booster is a supplement high in calcium so beneficial for egg laying. The poultry spice again is a supplement, a mineral supplement to help the chickens go through their moult. There's also apple cider vinegar, which does the same thing, but is added to their water.

The cod liver oil, I would surmise is added to their feed, but it's also possible that maybe it's put onto pieces of bread for each girl.

Hopefully someone else will come along with the correct dosing on the cod liver oil[/COLOR]
I just put a dash in with their pellets and give it a little stir to ' get it around' and see if that sorts the shells out and if not then I add a little more the next day - very scientific, that's me :rolleyes:
I put one teaspoonful of CLO into their mash each morning. The birds plumage is looking good - I know they are just coming out of a moult - but they just look better to my eye! I also give them poultry spice 1 tsp per 10 birds in their mash mixed with hot water and fed in the early morning.
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Have saved this from another site may be of help Smile
I wouldn't be without my veterinary wound powder puffer.


Destress with poultryCool

Regency poultry sell a Lotion treatment for leg mite by johnsons its for birds in general so you may be able to pick it up from pet shops Regency sell it for £2.25 link below
Its called Herbagest - its made by KELA Laboratoria in Belgium, the same company that manufacture Herban. It is an identical product just lebelled differently for the two companies who are UK agents.

i normally e.mail on or phone them on 01359 240984 and order it over the phone. They don't have on-line payment facility, they just told be the amount and i sent a cheque and they depatched the goods.
I've recently seen some adverts for Elastoplast Spray and there is something called Liquid Skin too that my mum uses when she cuts herself - more products for the chicken first aid kit maybe?

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