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Clipping Wings
The title makes it sound permanent and serious which it isn't, it is simply trimming off a few flight feathers which will grow back after a moult. I quite often clip wings on new birds that are flighty to stop them from straying or flying over fencing.

If you are holding the bird yourself have the bird facing the same way as you, hold them firmly so they cannot struggle. Get yourself a sharp pair of scissors and extend the outside wing (the one that is furthest away from your body), you should be able to see quite clearly the different 'sections' of feathers on the wing. The 'section' of feathers closest to her head are her flight feathers and these are the ones you will be trimming. Hold the 'section' of feathers so they are flat and won't twist whilst they are being cut, do not cut too much off them just try about an inch or two and that should stop them from a full take-off, if in doubt cut off too little as you can always go back again and take a little more off another day. Trimming the one wings puts them off balance and less inclined to take off.

It is much easier if you have someone there to hold the bird for you.
I came across these two pictures while I was looking for something else - I have no idea where I found them on the net but hopefully they will help others

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