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Tonic and Spice - uses and benefits/doses
Poultry Spice - courtesy of farmrite

Give your birds a boost in Spring or after the moult with this natural nutritional supplement plus extra minerals in a spice base. One teaspoonful to be given in the usual wet or dry mash for every 10 fowls. In cold weather a little more of the powder may be given. Specially recommended for improving all round condition and performance. Invaluable for rearing Poultry, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and Game birds.

Poultry Drink - courtesy of farmrite

A liquid feed supplement containing iron and phosphorus in a syrup base. Helps maintain good condition and appetite in poultry, game birds and pigeons. Easily administered in drinking water. Add 10ml of Poultry Drink to each 4.5 litres of drinking water. Replenish as required. Alternatively dilute 5ml in 100ml of water and add to the mash. This dosage is sufficient for 6 birds
Well I got a response from Battles
Quote:Further to your recent e-mail regarding the above.

The level you are administering is fine. We recommend one teaspoon per 10 birds but more can be given if required. I am a great believer in feeding to condition. If you find that the birds are thriving and the egg shell quality is good then you may wish to reduce the amount that you are giving. You can feed the product continuously if you want.

I hope that this has answered your enquiry.

I said that I was feeding a tsp a day for 8 hens. Quite helpful I thought.
A good perk-them up recipe is;

2 cups layers pellets

2 mashed warm boiled eggs

2 mashed boiled unsweetened apples still warm

2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt

some poultry spice if you have it, but sounds like you don't, so the multi-vits crushed may do as replacement,

and as you've already discovered that they like the garlic, some of that too.

If they are unwell, corn is harder for them to digest so good idea to withraw that.

Hope they perk up soon.
CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run

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