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Columbus Eggs
I was talking to someone this morning who told me they buy columbus eggs because they are rich in omega 3, she also told me that columbus chickens are fed on a diet of flax, does anyone know anothing about feeding chickens flax?
I'm not 100% on this Zoe, I think the seed may by sprouted. But you can feed other seeds as well, I think sprouted sunflower is another that has the same effect. But I think that the EFA's ~ Omega 3 and 6 are destroyed by cooking, so although you would have healthy chickens, it wouldn't be of a lot of benefit to you unless you ate the eggs raw ~ mayonnaise.
She said something about tesco charging an awful lot for these eggs, I think I'll check next time I'm passing and see what the label says
These eggs are apparently better for us humans as harmful cholesterol content is reduced and replaced with omega oils, thus better. It's a marketing ploy essentailly playing on fears, ignorance and inconclusive scientific theory but as consumers you obviously dictate the content of the shelves. A firm(can't remember the details) also created a genetically modified laying strain which also produce a low cholesterol egg, this is equally as healthy but obviously frowned upon as Frankenstein food.....go figure. As you keep your own birds and know how they're kept and fed, I would prefer one of your eggs to any I bought however special they are.
So would I damonk,

I was just wondering as my friend said they were charging I think it was over £2 for half a dozen which is a very high price and I was just wondering how on earth they can justify it and if they are so good for us why this nanny state isn't insisting that all chickens are fed this way Big Grin Whilst on the subject of eggs Smile my daughter has just done a project at college on egg production - battery/perchery/freedom foods etc Hillside (they are in the links section) sent her 3 videos to watch and they are horrendous! One was on Turkeys, one ducks and the other chickens, all the farms are in Norfolk and I would have to say that the freedom foods really aren't much better than the other two! And as for phasing out the battery cages, unless I have totally misread everything I have read the replacement cages are only going to be a postcard size bigger and this won't be taking place until 2012 :eek:
Hi Zoe,

it's not the way i'd like to keep birds but believe it or not with good management there's alot to be said for a controlled environment system. As trime goes on people are more and more aware of how animals are kept anfd the food gets to your plate, people also want more for for less and when push comes to shove money talks. I personally blame governments for allowing EU law to compromise systems that have worked perfectly well for many years. The Freedom Food debacle you speak ofis no more than I would expect of the RSPCA who revel in lecturing the world before putting theirown house in order, but that would mean humility and that cannot be seen to be done! Rant over, columbus eggs i'm sure are great and the diet may increase the cost of supply etc however if you know your feeding good stuff you can be sure your own eggs are too, I'm afraid farming and reality are as distant as ever so stick to what YOU know to be right.
Getting back to columbus eggs this was in my paper yesterday in case anyone is interested

You'd have to eat nine of these eggs to get as much omega-3 as you'd find in a farmed Atlantic salmon steak. Chickens are fed a diet of oil seed, pulses and soya, all high in linoleic acid, which they convert into omega-3 fatty acids. The eggs they lay have more omega-3 and less saturated fat than a standard egg.
apparantly fertile eggs have less cholesterol than infertile eggs....I wonder how they compare to columbus eggs?
I didn't know that kirstyfern although I doubt columbus are that interested :rolleyes:
The trouble is, I believe you have to eat the egg raw to benefit as the benefits are lost when the egg is heated up ......back to the drawing board for columbus

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