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All cockerels, I think
It looks as though all my chicks are cockerels. I have one buff sussex which crowed this morning.The other three are light sussex and the feathering is very similar.

I can put them all back into a run away from the main flock. They are 16 weeks on Saturday. I've read that they should be at least 22weeks before being dispatched.

We are away at the end of August for two weeks so I want things organised before we leave, and make it easy for my daughter to care for them.

Two questions:

1. When do they start fighting.

2 .Should they be on different food?

They have just come off growers.They free range at the moment and all look tall but quite scawny.

Hope you can help, thanks.
If intending to dispatch for the table.........

I have found that LF pure or cross breed cockerels tend to really start filling out from 22 wks, so we have dispatced between 24-28 wks to maximise growth/table weight.

The lads should be ok with no or minimum squabbles if kept in a seperate pen away from the Hens,

When we grow on for the table we tend to feed mixed corn and no pelletised feed at all, with the addition of the odd piece of fruit or veg like apples and cabbage, with a view of knowing exactly just what you we will end up eating! <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
Thank you for your help. I separated them yesterday(although their foster mum is in with them obstinately broody...I'll get her out today).

They have a decent size run, but can see the hens unfortunately.

I have two crowing and they all seem to face up to each other, but no fighting as yet.

I'll change their feed to fatten them up.It seems such a waste not to eat them.We had our first cockerel earlier in the year. He was so nasty,he had to go.We were amazed. Shop bought chicken cannot compare!

Thanks again.

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