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Registered Members and PoultryChat Supporters
There are 2 types of membership available on PoultryChat - 'Registered Members and PoultryChat Supporters'.

Registered Membership is completely FREE and allows you basic access to the forums and the ability to make posts in most sections, with a limit of ten posts per day. You also have the ability to send and receive Private Messages but your in and outbox do have a restriction of a maximum of 4 messages at any one time. You can also post pictures with a FREE account. Some people seem to be confused about PoultryChat. Membership is completely FREE (for ever) unless YOU want to pay, OK ?  Big Grin All members should read our Global Forum Rules before joining.

To become a 'PoultryChat Supporter' you need to register for a free membership first and then upgrade it by clicking here

PoultryChat Supporter Membership offers you a number of upgrades over the standard FREE membership:

(1) Have an Avatar - like mine (hopefully yours will be more exciting).

(2) You can have 400 Private Messages rather than the 4 that is allowed to 'Registered Members'.

(3) You can make unlimited posts as a Supporter, unlike the 10 posts per day allowed to 'Registered Members'. 

(4) You have access to the 'like' button, so that you can 'like' posts

(5) You can use 'Message Tracking' (see if and when the PM's you have sent have been read).

(6) You can post adverts for FREE in the For Sale, Wanted & FTAGH Sections.

(7) 'PoultryChat Supporter' members can start Polls (all members can vote on polls) 

(8) You can also add more attachments (ie pictures) to your posts than Registered Users who have much smaller file allowances.

(9) Only 'PoultryChat Supporters' can use signature lines (there are rules for signature line content).

(10) Only 'PoultryChat Supporters' can view members profiles.

(11) 'PoultryChat Supporters' can place entries in the 'Events' section providing that sections other conditions are met

(12) Also you get to help make sure that the forum keeps running and we have the finances to keep improving the system.  Big Grin

'PoultryChat Supporter' membership costs only ‚£10 for the whole year and is payable by paypal

How to Join ?

Once you have decided which type of membership you want the rest is easy. To become a FREE 'Registered Member' simply click at the top of the page where it says register and select a username and password and that's it. Please make sure your username is all one word and NOT more than 15 characters long. Can you also please enter your full name in the space provided as per the conditions of membership.

To become a 'PoultryChat Supporter' you need to sign up for a free membership first and then upgrade it by clicking here

Don't forget if you don't want to pay to become a 'PoultryChat Supporter' and use any of the above features then you don't have to - Just use the forum for FREE for as long as you like.

Any commercial enterprises please contact Scotsfran
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