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Chicken First Aid Kit
My cockerel had an accident this afternoon and lost half of his spur - I have no idea how this has happened! This got me wondering - what do you have in your first aid kit?
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A few bits and peices.
Purple antibiotic spray, various antibiotics/microbial, vitamin booster and most importantly, apple cider vinegar.
Spur Big Grin 
I will let you know when I find it all Big Grin I know I have purple spray, apple vinegar, leg mite spray, saddle, dettol
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I forgot that I had the purple spray this afternoon  roll eyes or else I would have used it. Will see how the leg looks in the morning. Can you tell me what you use the Apple Cider Vinegar for, and at what strength please
Oooh now that's top secret Fran :-) lol
It's great for feather and condition, but great to give to bird's that have been under stress.
If I remember rightly it's 30ml per 10 litre of water. Double it for stressed bird's. Dose rate on bottle.
You can get it from WCF for poultry.
Google ACV for poultry and get more info.
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ACV is good as a tonic to help them through a moult . A good post re the dose rates on the forum here
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Nice one zenith.
Spur Big Grin 
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I've got purple spray and ACV and cod liver oil
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Purple spray
Anti-pecking spray
Savlon povidone iodine wound spray
Life-Guard vitamin supplement
Ivermectin drops
Antibiotic tablets
Antibiotic topical paste
Liquid calcium supplement
Calcium/phosphate "egg shell improver"
Crop-feeding tube and syringe
permethrin cream (from when I thought they might have scaly leg)
Stuff to cull with

Think that's everything!!
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Sutty, I'll know who to ask for anything veterinary then
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.
Ivermectin, Flubenvent, blue spray, Vaseline, Sudacreme. Anything else that comes to hand in an emergency. As I have a no vet policy, an old cricket stump for culling in an emergency. (Broomstick method). Plus friendly gamekeeper who seems to have the answer to most poultry ailments.
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