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Wet and dry vac to the rescue.
We have had so much rain the ground just isn't taking any more water. My drive held 2 to 3 inches of water today meaning a paddle to get to the car.
No point in pushing the water up a slope to the road or across to the already water logged lawn. So out came the wet & dry hoover that I use for the garage & car.
My middle son arrived just in time to get roped in to help  Smile he must have filled and emptied the hoover about twenty times, but at least it got rid of all the water.
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wow! (and good thinking!)

We've had a lot of rain, but thankfully haven't had to resort to drastic measures unlike some of the poor souls around here. Let's hope it all dries up soon....
A very handy piece of kit to have Zenith.
Well done middle son.
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Never heard of it being used to vac a drive...well done Zen.
Today is the First Day of the rest of our lives.
supposed to be dry (well here in Suffolk) until later and then rain for the rest of the week again
Thats very strange Zenith as I was just coming on here to ask if anyone has a cordless vacuum cleaner. I dont need the wet and dry one tho. They vary in price and I am thinking the Vax is a good buy. Anyone got a cordless cleaner.

Is that on the list of things the wet and dry can do! What do people do with a wet and dry. I used to use Henry to vacuum up leavers in my gravel garden, and Alan Titchmarsh had hysterics when I told him during a question and answer session after an evening with him at the local theatre!! I even got invited back stage.

oops think I should have made this a new thread. Sorry Zenith
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I don't have a cordless vac so can't really comment, other than with anything cordless the power of the battery is the main thing to consider and recharging time  Smile
CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run

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