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Rhode Island Red bantams
looking for pol (for later in the season).  I live near Ipswich so Essex/Suffolk area please

Hope you find something. I don't off hand know of anyone who has any. Would love some myself, so please share if you do happen to find any. The only good bantams I know of, are way down Reading way!
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Long shot I'm not sure if these are bantam or LF but worth a try Smile Breeds: Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Silver Link, Black Rock and Bovan Goldline.
Contact Information
Paul Manning
Colchester Road
Stones Green
CO12 5DA
Tel: 01255 870934
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We pass the sign for this place on our way to the feed place at Wix.

The house on streetview was when they were building it. Didn't realise they had chickens there.

Meadow poultry farm Bardwell Suffolk are advertising quite a few bantam breeds. On the internet.
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Thanks for replies - I did email Meadow Poultry but they didn't reply so I assumed that meant they didn't have any.

Will keep looking - not in a hurry.

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