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Could you tell me what Breed are my ducks?
Hi, I recently bought a group of ducks, at the auctions and I am unsure of their breed.
[Image: 12745578_10153986599959470_2616891288967...e=572B6CD1]
[Image: 1927908_10153990511939470_36932775530216...e=5760F760]

These are just two of my boys (they're all boys) and I'm unsure of what breed.
I thought they look like Appleyards, but they're not big. I'm unsure of their ages, and they've recently gone through a moult.
If anyone could help me, that would be great.
Hallo and welcome to Poultrychat, helduck. Cannot help wth identifying duck breeds as I only keep chickens but there are several folk on here who will help I am sure.
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Hello and Welcome Smile  Hopefully a duck keeper will be along to help with your question
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Hello and welcome - I'm no expert (know a bit about Call Ducks but that's all). However, I would have to say, I think they are very nice looking cross-breeds.
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Hello from me, its a long time since I kept ducks, they could have Welsh Harlequin in them, but they are nice looking birds
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Welcome to the forum Helduck! I'm not a duck person either but these are beautiful birds! Hopefully someone will be able to identify them more.
(16-02-2016, 11:41 AM)Teazel Wrote: Hello from me,  its a long time since I kept ducks,  they could have Welsh Harlequin in them, but they are nice looking birds

Looking at photos, I'm inclined to agree...
I dont know either but they are lovely whatever they are.
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Welcome mate.
Used to keep game ducks many yrs ago, just like them.
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