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Flexi leads.
Ive never been a fan of these,they can be downright dangerous in certain situations.
However im fed up with Gyp disappearing into the distance after some feather/furry scent particularly on work days.I swear she knows i havent time to stand waiting for her to return in her own good time when im due in work that day.
So as i didnt want the faff of a longline i looked at new flexi.They have a newish one called flexi giant,it comes in different sizes.Ive got the medium one.Vey strong and sturdy.In black with fluorescent writing,the 8 mtr tape is also fluorescent yellow which makes it much easier for my other dogs to see particularly Poppy who cannot see much out of her left eye.Its lightweight but feels strong,nice handle and the tape runs very smoothly.
I thoroughly recommend this one,however Gyp does not!! the look i got when traffic lead was removed,flexi clipped on and her bid for freedom stopped after 8m. laugh I had numerous glares in my direction throughout the walk. Big Grin
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  • Squizzers
I have an extendable lead for Heidi but most of the time I keep it on lock  I think it is 5mtrs. They are such bulky things to carry around and I find them dangerous at times such a thin strong line lost count of the times I have nearly fallen over it.
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Absolutely hate them myself. Just been doing a training session with a Labrador this afternoon - all on a nice long line - brilliant on dry sunny days like today but can see why people like a flexi lead in wet and muddy weather. Sadly seen too many fatal accidents involving dogs on flexi leads to ever be tempted and they are banned from my puppy training classes (cos I say so !!!)
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  • zenith
I use an extender with my old dog as she is going blind. She seems happier knowing I am on the other end as otherwise she gets confused and stressed.
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I had one but Bryher chewed it in half. I dont actually like them very much as have seen so many people trip up and some people arn't very good with them and dogs can shoot off across roads while the hapless owner is trying to lock it!!
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  • zenith
I must add this is only to be used when she is off lead on fenland.I would never use in public areas.
Longlines are no good when you are walking more than one dog..too much of a faff keep pulling in the slack so no one gets caught in it.
Im really not keen on the cord ones but these are tapes the same colour as our smilies here.Gyp always walks with Tanner and he was very good at ducking under or jumping over it.
Patterdales..there is no doubt they are addictive,therein lies the danger.While living with lots,you will grow poorer and stranger. dog run K9

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