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Plastic housing
I bit the bullet and bought a hen ark from Solway Recycling I've got too many red mite this year and wanted to get away from wood. the critters were attacking me every time I collected eggs oh my  - so imagine how my poor chooks felt. We built the Ark yesterday - not perfect in design, but hope it does the job in helping to keep red mite under control. 

My next problem - how do I persuade the chooks that this is their new home?! Most of them spent the night under the stars, or else in a wee storage shed in the chicken run.
Good luck with the redmite battle. I still swear by spraying with detol when cleaning out. My little lavender Pekin usually roosts on a milkcrate I put in the new house. I forgot to put it back after cleaning them out and she was sitting on it outside all by herself when I went to shut them up. Bless !
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Maybe physically put them to bed until they get it right.Good luck.
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