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Stoat attack
I came back from a night away on Sunday to find the ducks had been attacked by what we think was a stoat/mink. Unfortunately one had already died and two have suffered wounds to the backs of their necks. They've been looked at by a vet who has prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, however they're clearly traumatised and in shock. Is there anything I can give them for a boost? I see there's a few tonics and vitamin & mineral supplements but is there anything specific anyone can recommend to help my girls? Thanks
i use Battles tonic when needed. Hope they recover quickly.
I had my entire flock wiped out by mink a few years ago Cry Awful time.
I think with a little time they will recover, I give my chickens that have been traumatised by foxes special treats that they love, cat food and sweetcorn seem to be their favourites. Some people use Rescue Remedy. Hope they recover soon.
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