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Which fencing?
After not having had any chickens for the last 4 or 5 years following too many wipeouts from Mr F, I have finally got the go ahead from OH to get some more chickens if we can build some security. 

We had previously used double layers of electric fencing but Mr F was determined and eventually found his way in. I have got the frame of a marquee which is enormous 6m x 10m and 2.5m high and I would like to clad it with something but it is proving to be so expensive. Does anybody have any ideas?
Chicken wire or weld mesh might do it. You would have to bury the bottom of it in an L shape to stop them digging under . Still expensive but better safe than sorry .
Heras Fencing panels might be an option if you can pick them up second hand. They would still need an L shape wire panel at the bottom.
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Weldmesh would be best,the strongest you can afford,i dont think chicken wire is strong enough against a determind fox unless you double it to make it stronger.Ive had rats chew through chicken wire very easily. As suggested heras panels are good but again they are not animal proof,my terriers have got through them.
You can only do your best with what you have,electrify and be vigilant but if its a determind animal then there is not a lot you can do.
How did the fox get past the electric fencing? If it dug under then a panel of weldmesh or similar flat on the ground outside whatever fence you decide may help to prevent digging. Alternatively further electric tapes held above the ground outside the fence maybe 9" and 18" away from the fence (make them too high to kill hedgehogs).
If it managed to climb over (got onto the fence and off the ground between pulses, so avoiding a shock) then additional tapes held out from the fence at intervals up the fence and connected to ground are supposed to stop climbing. (Make sure they can't contact the live conductors and short out)
If you surround the frame with mesh fencing I would use electrified tapes held out from it, and ensure the (galvanised not plastic coated) fence is well grounded.
It is possible to install a remote control (key-fob style) to control the fence to let you get in!
Make sure whatever you do that the gate is similarly secure.
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