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How long do they last ?
Just looking back at my housing solution and wondered how long other members housing solutions had lasted. Mine is still standing 11 yrs on. The house is still pretty strong although some of the attached pen is starting to rot in places.  Sad Looking at the members housing section, I wondered how others had found theirs to last.?

I know some of the cheap imports would have long since failed .
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Houses and pens I built 11/12 years ago are still standing.   I have a row of 6 houses and pens, like terraced houses, which I think are holding each other up.  It was all second hand wood to start with, and a few bits that rotted have had to be replacesd and all have had a few coats of cresote.  The covering over the pens usually needs replacing every 3 or 4 years.  We are very exposed to the winter weather so I am very pleased with the way they have all lasted.  Just have to keep our eyes on everything.  In all we have 20 pens still occupied - slowly easing down now - I think 5 years ago we had about 35.

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I've had two cheap hen houses bought off fleabay that have only lasted a couple of years before the wood peeled and the red mite made their home. I'm now in the second year of a recycled plastic house that seems to be doing the job. The run which was recycled wood and wire lasted 6 years - I thought it was fine, but OH decided to replace it with a metal frame at the end of last year. That seems to be doing the job although I need to seal the bottom better - I'm feeding as many wild birds as I am hens! The 'conservatory' (dry run extension) is also wood /wire fencing and it is fine after 6 years. I'll need to replace the plastic sheeting over one of the sides sometime as it is beginning to tear.
My handbuilt 16x8 shed is doing ok after a number of years. we had to jack it up in the middle as it started to sag,supports under there now.
Had to replace some of the onduline roof last year. All in all im pleased with how its lasted.Mind you it did cost a lot.

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