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Petrol Strimmer
I have a Spear and Jackson brush cutter bought from Argos.

Argos have a great return and replace policy for dodgy kit and the Spear and Jackson was cheaper than the alternatives.

The brush cutter has a larger engine than just a strimmer and can take on brambles and gorse...I even set about some Elderberrys and similar sized bushes and it handled it well.

Make sure you get one with two line outlets rather than one as they are stronger cutters.

You will get a harness with a petrol strimmer as they are pretty heavy until you clip them in. After they are clipped in they just a matter of waving it around at ground level.

The Spear and Jackson models start with a couple of pulls, are 2-stroke and reliable and I love mine.

Don't buy one too expensive as if you keep on top of the field you will only need to get it out a few times a year. In fact I mostly only have to get my other smally electric one out now unless the area I need to work on is too far away from a plug.

Thanks everyone. I also went around to a neighbour's house and asked him about his strimmer. He took me out to the garage so I could test his one. He has got a Stihl FC40 and I was able to start it easy enough and hold it with a harness so I decided to get one of these. It wouldn't have come with a harness and I had to pay an extra £7 (can you believe) but after using it on Saturday on the allotment I am very glad I did. It is a 2 stroke engine and seems, on first use in any case, to do the job.

Again thanks all for your replies.
Stihl are a good make - we have Stihl chainsaws

De-stress with Poultry - and have the patience of a Broody


Stihl and their partner company Viking are at the high end of the product range and very good tools indeed.

Congrats, if the reviews are correct it will last longer than you and I will!

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