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Expectant Duck Owner
Hi all,

First of all, hello everyone, I'm new! I'm getting my first 3 cherry valley ducks from a breeder up north mid July and I have a few questions before their arrival and I'm hoping someone can help. I'm getting 3 females and they're just going to be pets and hopefully lay the odd egg.

1. Can ducks use the same type of feeder as chickens? I wasn't sure if their larger beaks could pick the food up from the tray as it doesn't look very big. Saying that, I've not actually purchased it yet so I'm not even sure of the size.

2. Sill question, but how often do ducks need fed. Some say they leave layers pellets out all day, others feed them in the morning, remove the food and then feed them again at night.

3. Do ducks need grit? If so do they need a seperate container or can I mix it in with their food.

4. We have a pretty large garden and I know ducks can get a bit carried away with mud and puddling around. Would a 4ft high fence be sufficient to keep them in a section of the garden? I know these ducks don't fly but Ive heard some being able to 'flap' over a fence.

5. I'm going to put their run on woodchips (not bark) to prevent them churning up the grass, is their another ground covering that is suitable?

6. They'll only have access to the rest of the garden on the odd sunny day or if I move the pen to clean their run/house, is their any plant/vegetables/flowers that are poisonous to ducks?

Thanks in advance for any advice, please also add in anything you think may be helful - it's like being a new mother! I'll get photos up as soon as they're home.

Alison <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />)
Hello and Welcome to the forum [Image: smile.gif] I'm sure some of our duck keeping members can answer your question.
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I don't keep your breed but I think most things apply to all ducks. I let them eat ad-lib from a shallow metal plate (no real need for a proper feeder). Remember that for every mouthfull of food they require an intake of water so important that drinking water never goes empty. A washing up bowl or similar is ideal. Woodchip is a nice surface and my breeding pen has such a surface and the ducks love dabbling around in it. I do not give any grit and when the ducks go to bed ALL FOOD AND WATER is removed otherwise they will always have very wet, smelly bedding. My ducks go to bed (sometimes a bit reluctantly about 7.30pm at this time of year and should have had plenty of food to see them through till the next morning. Wheat makes a nice treat but does tend to make them fat so give it sparingly only. Chuck a couple of handfulls in a big bowl of water and they'll love dunking their heads under to get to it. As far as the height of your fences, 4 ft should be fine - just clip their wings when you first get them and until they are tame and then they should stay put quite nicely (assuming you're not planning on eating them obviously) !!

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the help April, I really appreciate. No doubt I'll have more questions soon.

Thanks again <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
Know nothing about ducks but welcome to the forum. A fair few members near you up in bonny Fife
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Thanks for all your help and advise!

So I'm finally picking up my Cherry Valley ducklings on Sunday <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />). They're only 10 weeks old and the seller has said they can't guarantee the sexes yet as they are too young. I was looking for 3 girls as I'm hoping to get a few eggs but in reality I'm not too bothered. My only concern is mixing sexes, will it be a problem if two of them turn out to be male and one is female? I know they're siblings but I don't see that being a problem when it comes to ducks mating!

Any advise is appreciated.

Thanks <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />)

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